Camo Detailing Towel
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Camo Detailing Towel

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Camouflage was first worn in battle by the French in World War 1. It's main purpose was to deceive the human eye. Camo print is still used in today's military and even in the game hunting community but also by the fashion industry. It seems like every high end fashion house has done a camo pattern. Well we aren't one of those high end fashion houses, but at least we have a Camo Detailing Towel at a reasonable price.

  • Model: Fox Microfiber Towel
  • 16” x 16” White Towel
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Ultrasonic cut/Edgeless
  • High quality towel (350 gsm)
  • Removable sticker label
  • Low pile on one side, plush on the other
  • Printed with Dye Sublimation
  • Safe for vehicle paint
  • Towel Fabric made in Korea, Printed in North America

We don't screen print on our towels. All of our towels are printed with Dye Sublimation which is safe for vehicle paint.

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