Why We Don't Use Cotton Towels

At our store we don't usually use cotton towels, why is that? Cotton is used for so many applications such as bath towels, clothing, and pretty much everything else. But there are some limitations to cotton.

For our business, we print vibrant colors and logos onto our products. The best way for us to do that is to use a process called Dye Sublimation. With this process it unfortunately doesn't work on cotton material. To get those same vibrant colors on a cotton towel it would probably need to be screen printed. The problem with screen printing is that the ink will create a hard surface on the towel which could scratch the surface of the equipment your cleaning. In the end we want the towels to be useful and not just be a piece of art.

Most of our clients use our microfiber towels for cleaning and absorbing water. So when it comes to cleaning, microfiber is a lot better at doing that job than cotton. Microfiber is able to absorb up to 7 times its weight in water. It's also much better at cleaning dirt off surfaces than cotton.   

 In the end we want to provide our customers with not only a great looking towel but also one that can actually do the best job. Yes, they are more expensive than cotton but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If your looking to get some artwork or a logo printed on a towel send us an email, and we would love to help you make that amazing towel.

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