What is microfiber?

You've heard the word Microfiber. But what does it mean? Is Microfiber a certain kind of thread? Well, lets dive a little deeper into the word and see if we can answer some of these questions.

According to Wikipedia, Microfiber is a synthetic fiber having a diameter less than 10 micrometers. This means that it is less than 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. A towel could have millions of these fibers in it. 

Since Microfiber is a synthetic fiber it can be made up of different materials including polyester and polyamide. The material selection is based on the characteristics that are needed for the application the Microfiber is being used for. In this article we are only going to deal with Microfiber towels. With towels, there are 2 characteristics you might look for, the ability for it to absorb liquid, and it's cleaning ability.

The cross-section of the fiber helps determine it's ability to absorb liquid. You can have a split fiber or a non-split fiber. A split fiber is split during the manufacturing process and if you put it under a microscope the cross section would look like an asterisk. This allows the microfiber towel to soak up more liquid compared to a cotton thread, as you can't split cotton fibers the same way. Non-split fibers aren't as good at absorbing liquid and are usually only used for applications were softness is needed such as a sofa or pillow. The best way to tell if you are using a split fiber is to run your hand across it and you can feel the fibers cling to your hand. 

All of the towels we currently sell are split fiber, which is a little more expensive, but in the end it's a better towel for the applications we use them for. Most of our clients use our towels for detailing cars, cleaning the house, and just keeping around for those spills.


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