We don't Screen Print or Embroider

When you get a towel printed by Wacky Linens, we promise it won't be screen printed. Why don't we like screen printing? The simple answer is that it could scratch the item you're trying to clean, especially car paint.

Screen printing creates an ink layer above the surface of the towel. If you feel a screen printed shirt you will know that the logo feels different than the rest of the shirt. That is the dried ink you are touching, which doesn't have the softness of the shirt or towel that it is printed on. Another reason why we don't screen print on our towels is that you lose the absorption qualities of the towel in the areas that the screen printing was applied. Screen printing creates this wall that the water will have a hard time penetrating, reducing the effectiveness of the towel. No microfiber towel should be screen printed, and we intend to live by that rule.

Another common option we see is to embroider a towel. This is once again not a good option for a microfiber towel. Embroidery stitches a logo or design into the towel using thread, creating this hard surface which can once again scratch the surface you are cleaning. The threads for embroidery are usually made out of material that doesn't have the same characteristics that a microfiber towel has. They don't absorb as much water, and they certainly aren't as soft. Embroidery may look good on a towel, but it's not the right method to use.

Dye Sublimation should be the only method used to print designs onto microfiber towels, and it's the method we use. By using heat and a special ink, the towel threads will actually be dyed into a new color. Just like you can buy a microfiber towel that was dyed yellow, this just dyes the specific areas you want. This means that the towel threads stay intact and there are no concerns about scratching the surface. The characteristics of the towel stay intact allowing you to print a design on the the towel without sacrificing quality.

There are many different methods to placing a logo on a towel. Each method has its uses, but in the end there is only one method that we will recommend. If you have any other questions about dye sublimation or you want a towel printed, visit our contact us page. 

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