Microfiber Cloth for Glasses

You just spent hundreds of dollars on new eye glasses. The last thing you want to have happen is a scratch or a smudge right where you look through. That's why most companies will give you a small microfiber cloth to use with your glasses. But why do they choose a microfiber material over something like cotton?

Microfiber is softer

The reason you clean your eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth instead of cotton is because microfiber is softer. Since microfiber is a man made fabric we are able to adjust the properties of the cloth better than we can with cotton. With the addition of nylon in the cloth we can create a really smooth cloth that will just glide over your eyeglasses. Since glass already has a smooth surface we don't need the cleaning power of a thick cloth with lots of pile. The goal of the microfiber cloth is to glide over the smooth surface and remove the smudges and dirt from your glasses without locking that dirt into the cloth.  

Microfiber lasts longer

Microfiber cloths have been engineered to withstand lots of abuse. Cotton on the other hand can't keep up with the abrasive resistance that microfiber can withstand. For that reason, it's best to use microfiber material for something that you want to last a long time.

Designs can be printed on Microfiber

For our business, having unique designs inspired by automotive racing, printed onto the cloths, is a must. But at the same time we need to keep the quality of the towel and make sure it doesn't scratch the eyeglasses. The process we use to print onto the cloths can only be done on microfiber cloths. If you try to print one of our designs onto a cotton cloth it would create a hard surface on the cloth. That hard surface could end up scratching your glasses.

So the next time you are looking for a cloth to clean your eyeglasses, make sure you buy a microfiber cloth. We would hate to see you scratch the glass.

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