Custom Microfiber Towel

Custom Microfiber Towel

A custom microfiber towel is very different from your regular towel. When most people purchase a towel they look at color and quality. Well with a custom microfiber towel you get the same quality but with whatever design you want on it. It could be a picture of your dog or it could be your brand logo.

The greatest benefit to a custom microfiber towel is that you get to put your own creativity into the towel. Any design you can dream of can be printed onto the towel. Imagine showing your friends your one of a kind towel, that no one else has. For business owners, a custom towel is the perfect way to set you apart from your competition. Think about it, you could give your customers a towel with your logo on it. They will immediately think that you really care about them and their loyalty to your brand will increase.

One of the benefits with using us for your custom microfiber towel is that we are willing to work with anyone, you don't need to be a big business or have a large budget. Our minimum order quantity is 1 towel, that is it. So that means if you are looking for a custom towel as a gift or for yourself, we can help you. And at the other end of the spectrum, if you are a company looking to order 100s of towels, we can do that as well.

For our towels we print all of them here in Canada. The only thing we get from outside North America is our blank towels. We get them straight from the manufacturer in South Korea. We aren't going to be as cheap as printing your towels in China, however our towels are of the highest quality with no duty and fast shipping times. You'll also be dealing with a company in North America that puts customer service at the center of every order.

The best way to start an order with us is to send an email with the quantity your looking for as well as the artwork you want on it. Once we get your artwork we can create a digital mockup of your towel. After you approve the mockup we will put the towels into production.

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