6 Ways to Promote Your Detailing Business

6 Ways to Promote Your Detailing Business

Finding more customers is one of the hardest things to do in business. There are so many different options to choose from, but which ones tend to work the best? Here is our list of the 6 best ways to promote your business:

1) Referrals

If done right this can be the most effective way to growing your customer base. There are a few ways to do it. You can just ask your current customer to tell their friends about you. You can give your current customer a discount when they refer a friend that ends up using your service. 

2) Set up a booth at a Car Event

At car events, the spectators walking around tend to be the exact demographic of people that could use your detailing service. But how do you turn them into a customer? You need some way to get them to come to your booth and not just walk right by. The best way to do that is to do giveaways. A microfiber towel with your branding on it is a great gift that everyone can use. Our microfiber towels are printed with a process that won't let your logo scratch paint.

3) Advertise on Social Media

Facebook Ads can be a very effective way to get your branding out there. By being able to target specific types of people you can make sure your ad is hitting the right people. Ads for service based businesses can be harder to make convert but think of it as a great way to get your brand out there. 

4) Advertise on Google

Google could be a great weapon for your advertising. When people google "car detailer in my area" it usually means they are thinking of making a purchase. This is different from Facebook where people aren't necessarily looking to make a purchase when they see your ad. With Google you can advertise for certain search terms. This allows you to get your website in front of the people that are already searching for your service. 

5) Social Media Presence

Who doesn't like looking at car pictures on Instagram. Look at some of the biggest detailers out there and they have large followings on Social Media. Who says you can't be as big as them. Use Social media as a way of educating your customer. Don't just show before and after pictures. Go into detail why you "did it this way". Make yourself the expert that your customers want to use. Show them the process you use to vacuum an interior or clean an exterior. This will give them comfort knowing that if they hire you, it will be done right. Another great thing to do is comment on other people's Instagram that are in your service area. Showing them that you are engaged in the community will only benefit you in the long run.

6) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most people just slap together a website and then forget about it. By optimizing your website for Google you can get free traffic, and who doesn't like free traffic. One of the reasons I write this blog is to give Google more opportunities to show my website to people. It's a long play that might take 3 to 6 months before you see results. In the end the hard work is worth it.  

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