10 Ways to use Microfiber Cloth

10 Ways to use Microfiber Cloth

What does Microfiber mean anyway?

Well Microfiber is a synthetic thread that is so small it is less than one fifth (⅕) the size of a human hair. The Microfiber we use is a combination of Polyesters and Polyamides. Microfiber threads are exceptional at trapping and retaining dirt as well as absorption. Which makes it a very effective cleaning product.

Here are our top 10 uses for Microfiber towels:

1) Exterior of your Car

For an automotive enthusiast, this would probably the first thing they would think of when it comse to Microfiber towels. The ability to pick up dirt and to absorb lots of water makes the Microfiber towel the obvious choice here. Along with drying your car, these towels are also excellent at applying/removing wax and polish.

2) Cleaning the interior of your Car

As you will realize, microfiber has incredible cleaning characteristics. Removing dust and dirt from the inside of your car is easily accomplished with a microfiber towel. You can also use it to clean the inside of the window, apply protectant on the dash, and conditioning the seats.

3) Dusting your house

Since Microfiber has the ability to pick up dirt and retain it, this makes it a perfect cloth for cleaning your house. Dampen the cloth and start wiping. You’ll be amazed by the amount of dust/dirt these towels can pick up.

4) Washing floors

In case you didn’t figure out the theme here. Microfiber is amazing at cleaning things. Floors are a great example of how the threads on a Microfiber cloth can get inside those tight cracks to clean out all the loose dirt.

5) Sports

Sweat. When your playing sports it’s bound to happen. Sweating is just a natural reaction of the body. But sometimes that sweat needs to be absorbed. Having a microfiber towel in your bag allows you to remove that slippery layer from your skin quickly and easily.

6) Restaurants/Hotels

Do you ever wonder what kind of cloth restaurants use to wash the tables after the guests are finished. Well I’ll give you a hint, its a cloth that has amazing abilities to pick up any leftover crumbs and absorb that spilled pop. You guessed it….Microfiber towels.

7) Glass lenses

Have you ever wondered, what material those little square cloths you use to clean your glasses are made of? Well the good quality ones are made of microfiber threads. This also goes for any optical lens such as a camera lens.

8) Cleaning your Golf Clubs

If you ever wanted to look like a pro on the golf course, then you will want to use a microfiber towel as your tool of choice. Next time you are watching golf on tv look at the towels the caddies are carrying. They use microfiber towels for there incredible ability to clean the club head and ball. Also, with the extremely thin threads that microfiber is known for it can clean out the grooves on your club head. That way you can make sure you are getting optimal ball spin every time.

9) Skincare

Microfiber is great at removing makeup, exfoliating skin, reducing acne, whiteheads/blackheads, and just generally cleaning your pores.

10) Yoga

Grip is important when practicing yoga. Having a microfiber towel on hand to remove sweat allows you to maintain that necessary grip. This is especially useful in hot yoga or any exercise you sweat a lot.

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